Is My Cell Phone Really Dead?

You’ve charged your phone all night but the next day, the battery only lasts for a few minutes and your phone dies.  Is it time to get a new phone?  Maybe not.  There is a very common and inexpensive thing to try before you decide to pay for a whole new phone.

In my experience, the weakest part of the phone system is not anything in the phone itself.  It’s the charger, and it’s not the whole charger, it’s the cable that connects to your phone.  These cables tend to wear out before the phone does, and when they do, it causes your phone to not get a full charge it needs.  The next day, when you assume that you have given it plenty of time, you still run out of battery power.

It is true that batteries wear out too, but I have found that the cables tend to wear out even faster.

That’s probably because we are frequently plugging and unplugging our chargers and  it causes them to wear out, making less and less contact with the phone.  It could also be that the cable itself has been bent, crushed or yanked a few too many times.  If you look at your charger cable and it looks bent or crushed, that’s not good!  You should definitely try replacing it.

I was reminded that we need be careful with our charger cords.  Especially those of us that remember phones that used to have a cord permanently.  These charger cords are not as tough as those old springy cords from the 1900s and early 2000s.  It’s best to not use your phone when it is plugged in so that it won’t cause stress on the cord or on the place where it plugs into the phone.

So before you run out and buy another expensive phone, try  a new charger cable.  If you go to the store, take the old one with you so that you get the right one.  If you are pretty sure you know which one you need, you could just buy one online, but if you have gone through this routine before, you may actually have one that works from your last phone.

It’s a fairly inexpensive first step.  Then, if it still doesn’t work, try a more expensive option.  There’s a good chance that a new charger cable is all you will need.


After you get your new cable, make sure you charge your phone overnight.  It may need a longer time than normal to revive it after having lost so much charge.